About PlayToday AB

We sell game keys on the Internet. Quickly, smoothly and often at lower prices than in traditional physical stores. Our game keys are bought from official distributors.


You can feel safe with us - we only use secure payment methods and safe handling of the game keys

As one of few online retailers of PC games and video games our website is fully secured through a SSL connection. This means that all data sent between your browser and our website is encrypted and protected, which means that no third party can access the information. When you buy a game key from us it is sent directly from our secure digital vault to your email address.

We have thousands of games in our catalog and the delivery is made immediately upon payment - so you can start playing today.

Hi! My name is Tobias and i am the founder and owner of PlayToday AB

I have solid experience in the gaming industry. For over five years I worked as a Store Manager in an international company which is also the world's largest retailer of computer and video games, with over 45,000 employees and more than 6000 stores in 15 countries.

You can feel confident that GamesFaster.com knows everything about games and that we do our utmost to let you as a customer take advantage of speedy delivery, low prices and friendly customer service.

You are welcome to contact me directly to me if you have questions or would like to leave feedback, just send an email to tobias@theplaystore.eu.

Thank you for shopping from us!

Tobias Bindemo
CEO & Owner of PlayToday AB